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Software: Thumbelina

Thumbelina is a program that automatically generates web pages containing thumbnail images and captions from collections of image files. You can use it to create a photo gallery for other people to browse. Basic usage is very easy - just make a directory and put your image files in it, then select a different directory as the output location. Click "Start" and a web page containing thumbnails (small versions of the original images) will be created, where the thumbnails are linked to the original images or scaled versions of them. You can then copy that web page to your own web site. If you like you can add a caption to each image, and there are various other options that let you customize the style of the page that is generated.

I first released this program on the web in June 2004. Since then, various handy web sites such as Flickr have appeared which make storing and presenting images easy, but you might still find this program useful for making photo galleries for a p ersonal web site. I've made some tweaks to it as people have given me feedback. You can download the latest version using the link below.

The program is written in Java so you may need to download the latest Java Runtime Environment to use it (that program is freely available on the web). Details are in the readme file that comes with the program. The program is freeware.

DownloadDownload Thumbelina version 0.6 (January 2009)